The Czech Republic is a country with a great toy-making tradition. Czech toymakers have been creating beautiful wooden playthings — puppets, press up toys, wooden pull along toys and more— to entertain both children and adults for centuries.

Recently, we have discovered a new Czech brand, Kutulu, a combination of modern design and old world craftsmanship. This gorgeous design studio produces unique wooden toys with geometric shapes. They are playthings with narratives, with stories and cultural value, for children and their parents in search of quality and tradition.

These open-ended toys help kids to develop their manual skills, to wake up their creativity and let their imagination free. Let’s have a closer look!

Kutulu series


Based on geometry and a rocking motion, this series includes a rooster, hen and chicks, dove, swan, and several birds of different sizes in vibrant colors, white or black. The size and forms are perfect for toddler and preschooler’s little hands.


Pi-Pi Series


These simple yet cute swinging birdies that are also easy to handle. They will make you smile every time you see them peck and swing. You can use these pieces both as a toy as well as a decorative item.


Hipo series


These stylish horses are ready to gallop directly into your child’s playroom. Your child can easily move them around the room and, of course, the horses can carry all kind of cargo: dolls, figures, etc.


Mytho series


MYTHO draws you and your children to the antique mythological world. These wooden figures incentive the storytelling and boost children’s imaginations. They allow a wide variety of movements and different forms according to your children’s fantasy (they can build unicorns, pegasus, Centaurus from a single set of wooden pieces).


The series includes Mythological creatures, Spartan and Trojan soldiers and a large sized Trojan horse.


Gorgeous toys, aren’t they? Whether you prefer black & white wooden toys or colourful ones, Kutulu has great options to choose from.

+ info: Kutulu