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OK, we really like pennants (a lot), they are great. They are really cool, look fantastic in kids’ rooms and they can be easily made with just a piece of fabric, so…why don’t we include them on the list? We tend to use classic ideas once and again and, sometimes, a change can be a wonderful idea to increase the variety. So, here you are 5 ideas of hanging decoration without using pennants.

Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas: A Planet Mobile


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I really like this atmosphere. Wood, white and the vintage touch of the room. But, in addition, we are totally in love with this planet atmosphere. It couldn’t be simpler. It’s similar to those typical mobiles for cribs but with a specific theme: the universe. We don’t know if you can find them at shops but making it by yourself can’t be very difficult. It reminds one of those school projects in which we represented the Solar System. You just need some balls, paint and lots of imagination!

Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas: A Simple and Warm Mobile


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I really like simplicity in this bedroom. Of course, white plays an important role together with that natural wood. The mobile of this atmosphere follows this simplicity. They look little wooden sticks with different sizes ones on others. A simple touch that contrasts with the white wall.

Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas: Origami on The Bed


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Origami has always been fascinating. Real artworks made only with paper. There are simpler figures but, if we choose one and we can reproduce it, we can get a fantastic result, like this one. A kids’ room with a paper flock over it. Lovely and soft at the same time.

Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas: Taking Advantage of Lamps


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Of course, you can also take advantage of the elements present in the room, like an old lamp. You can hang every kind of decoration on it. Be careful with the elements you hang on it as they can break the look of the room or even the lamp!

Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas: Take Advantage of The Ceiling


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As far as hanging is concerned, I choose this last example. In this case, they have got a wonderful result. Apart from that cute light strip over the bed, providing this part of the room with depth, they have also added a hot-air balloon. It reminds one of those mobiles we had when we were kids, that seagull that moved if you pull the string. Yes, we know that this balloon is not flying but it adds lots of personality to this kids’ room.