A really cute brand created by Iga, a mum who discovered magic in kids’ world after the birth of Orson, her son. This wonderful universe is built with wooden handmade toys, Scandinavian style and a bit of natural charming. This brand tries to bring natural materials into kids’ lives to help them to feel, to explore and to discover the world around them while they wake up their imagination and creativity.

What Can You Find?

A huge choice of eco-friendly handmade pieces for kids. This includes wonderful wooden handmade toys, cool boxes to provide that natural touch to their room and some wooden decorative pieces that will fill every space with lots of personality. Their simple Nordic style can be easily adapted to every single atmosphere! The high quality wood and the non-toxic paint and varnish used by this brand guarantee not only kids’ safety but also environmental care.

All these pieces have their own soul as they have been carefully created by a couple of manufacturers and hand painted by Iga so, there’s a bit of her in every single one!


Although they sell other products, toys are their star product. The purpose of Iga was related to create wonderful childhood memories surrounded by special toys made with heart and love.


All the wood used to create Happy little Folks Products comes from sustainable FSC certified sources! What a wonderful way to protect the environment!