Haptic Lab knows how to turn dreams into a reality. Their fantastic handmade kites are full of magic and beauty. This American company –founded in 2009 by the architect  Emily Fischer-knows how to combine sophistication and beauty to design the most amazing kites you have ever seen. The brand’s spirit consists in bringing transparency, simplicity, sustainability and consciousness to the real world in order to create a most beautiful reality.


This fantastic collection of flying animals brings that wonderful spirit of freedom every kid must experience. Swallows, cranes, owls, bats…all of them are transformed into magical creatures you can’t stop looking at!

Kites are made in collaboration with a traditional kite making workshop in China so all of them are unique and wrapped with charm.


Bamboo and terylene silk are the chosen materials to create these friendly and elegant creatures. The silk is hand painted so every single detail on it is carefully added.

They can fly through the sky but they can also be part of our little ones’ dreams if we use them as a decorative element in their room (they are so nice that you will not be able to resist it!)They will be the cool touch to every atmosphere, don’t you think?


We can imagine them as the focus of attention on the beach, creating a whimsical atmosphere of magic and fantasy but they are also a wonderful element to be included in a Romantic room? Can you imagine it? And what about those trendy rooms inspired by the jungle? These are the cool animals you have always wanted!


We are sure you are totally in love with these kites, will you be able to choose? Let kids’ imagination fly!

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