This furniture brand was founded in 2011 by Amandine and Alexander. At the beginning it only worked online but their quick expansion has made their products travel around the world. We are talking not only about a brand but about a closed team where everybody has a crucial play. They mention all the involved stakeholders on their web because they firmly believe in joint effort as the keyword for success.


What Can You find? 

Their range of products is huge. It includes not only furniture (desks, tables, storage…) but also lighting and textile. Their designs are simple, functional and very cool so they can be included in every kind of atmosphere, even if we want them to be the focus of attention. We special love their storage solutions; they are really modern and original. Keeping everything ordered would become a simple task with them!


All their pieces share a carefully created fresh design we can appreciate the same style in every product. It’s their most characteristic feature and we love it! There is a chic touch that makes every item special.


You can know more about every single designer on their website. You will find interesting information about they careers and style. Creativity is in the air!