One of the main factors to create a special atmosphere is the wall. The motif chosen for this element will be the soul of every single space and the perfect base to create whatever we can imagine: a tropical forest, a Nordic space, a bedroom under the sea…Hibou Home allows us to dream about fantastic atmospheres and helps us to turn them into a reality with their high-quality wallpapers.

This time, Hibou Home novelties are full of kids’ magic. Their new Starry Sky design will turn your nursery into a wonderful space where everything is possible, where stars’ magic makes wishes come true and kids can dream about unicorns and fairies while they are stared by the moon who welcomes them with a soft “Nighty night”.

This design will complete the perfect space to have a rest and dream happily. In addition, stars are really trendy and this simple print can be easily combined to get the most amazing results!

The Swans wallpaper is perfect to turn the kids’ room into a real fairy tale as it is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale which tells the story of 11 prince brothers who were transformed into swans by their evil stepmother while their sister, Eliza, tries to save them. This sophisticated wallpaper is available in two gorgeous colourways: Pale Rose and Mint.

Their soft prints and colours are perfect for those romantic rooms which are full of elegance and style. It is so beautiful that we could use it in every single room at home, don’t you think? If your little one loves princess tales, ballet and magic we are sure this will be a successful choice. Furthermore, it adds an extra touch of personality and lots of charm as it’s the perfect representation of magic, is there any kids who wouldn’t love to dream wrapped by a fantastic fairy tale? We don’t think so!

Do you want to fill your rooms with Hibou Home‘s fantastic stories?

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