This English shop shows sophisticated collections of wallpapers and textiles for kids. They offer lots of stylish ideas to create elegant atmospheres inspired by Scandinavian style. Children have a special and funny style that is perfectly combined by their designs. You will love all them! And they send their products to every part of the World!

What can you find? 

Wallpapers, textiles and cushions in soft tones. You will find great range of decorative items which remind Scandinavian style. Neutral and soft tones which make us breathe elegance. The purpose of their products is to offer attractive products both for kids and adults. Indian Tee pees, horses, stars, rabbits…all you can imagine can be included in a modest style.


Wallpapers are their star product. They offer high quality papers are made with water-based ink and there are much many available designs than in textiles. New ideas are often shown to create a peaceful and elegant kids’ space.


Textiles match , sometimes, their most popular wallpapers although their soft tones makes them suitable to every single element.