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We all have that thinking corner, a place where we can be on our own knowing that no one will be nagging us and that it belongs only to us. It might be somewhere outdoors, in our own bedroom or some other place we know well, but this is a luxury we rarely offer to our little ones. However, you can see the hideaways for kids that have been created in these homes in their very original children’s bedrooms. Here, they can use the space exclusively and forget the adult world any time they want. Don’t you absolutely love the idea?

Loft hideaway


Via Mommodesign

If the ceiling of your children’s bedroom is very high, you can use this to your advantage and create a loft hideaway in the corner. They can climb up to it thanks to kids only ladder with exclusive and restricted access. There, they will be able to find their toy area, their favourite reading corner or a space to let their creativity and talent run wild.

We will give them a space in the heights, like one of those watchtowers from where you can observe everything, so they can have a grand time. The adventures they will experience up there will be their secret. We will surely have to go get them more than once because they won’t be willing to come back to the adult world just like that.


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A secret bed in the wall

Via Mommodesign

This secret corner can be easily created by adding some simple curtains. A nook in the wall serves the purpose of containing the bed, but it could also be a toy area, a hideaway for leisure time or a theatre in the heart of the room. The curtains will let your kids get away from the noise of the world to read their favourite stories or to imagine they’re on a train on their way to faraway places.

Hideaways in furniture


Via Laboutiqueklin

Children’s furniture is getting more creative and surprising every passing day and these pieces are a good example: hideaways for the little ones have been included by taking advantage of nooks in the furniture. A piece of furniture which has been created to rest includes a hollow space underneath as if it were a burrow, and we can’t imagine what kind of secrets might be awaiting on the inside. Also, if you pay attention, there is a small green handle for a secret exit door — how exciting!

Are you already thinking of where you’ll fit in that cheeky hideaway?