Those of you who love low-cost fashion may know the H & M brand’s style of contemporary and versatile garments. Well, now you can also use their home textiles special for kids’ rooms and fill your house with their most fashionable ideas which we really love. Their kids’ decor collection for this autumn/winter is very beautiful, simple and plenty of relaxing pastel tones to get a sophisticated room but —at the same time— suitable for the smallest at home.

Girls’ rooms have cushions with little bunnies, flounced curtains, bedding sets with little pink flowers and little details like tiny boxes with butterflies printed on them. Everything is sweet and cute and it’s plenty of details we really love like the printed place setting, diaries which match everything or the cushions’ collection which turn room into something alive.


For boys, they offer a collection inspired by rockets and stars with darker tones, star-shaped rugs and bed linens with a very funny print. They are rooms to keep them dreaming and to make them feel very comfortable. From housecoats to rugs you will see  very soft tissues which will warm the coldest months.




They also offer decoration for babies’ rooms. Fort them, we can find bath and daily clothing. They are pieces in pastel tones suitable both for girls and boys, so if you want to offer a present to a newborn, that’s your solution.

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