HOME is the new wooden puzzle by Joran Briand for cinqpoints. It’s a 3D brainteaser with 17 pieces and at the same time a construction game. When dismantling the house, you can build spaces and decorate rooms thanks to the furniture you discover within it.

It’s a plaything with many possibilities, you can easily create and change spaces and play to pretend to be an architect. Smart, versatile and beautiful!



Design your dream home and move the furnishings as many times as you want. Build, unbuild, rebuild!

I fell in love with this house puzzle of clean lines. But cinqpoints offers other creative products with a playful and graphic approach of the contemporary architecture. Here some of them:

cinqpoints-architecture-archiblocks-factory-wooden-construction-game archiblocks-wood-game-kid-architecture-house-cinqpoints cinqpoints-architecture-archiblocks-city-wooden-bois-construction-game-1-1397859376_1399472073

These wooden blocks are perfect to unleash the imagination! Build a factory, a house or an entire city. Play with volumes, shapes and balance. These games provide hours and hours of  fun.

You design, you build, you create. Be an architect!

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