We like Such Great Heights for their simple yet stunning Wonder Tents, and also for their collaboration with artists to create unique textiles & products that make up their ever evolving collection.

In 2015, they’ve made the bold adventurous move from Australia to New York City to broaden their horizons and explore opportunities. They’ve just announced an expansion into home decor, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories.

New city, new products and new partnerships! For example, you can found three different illustrations created uniquely for Such Great Heights by Melbourne-based artists, Gemma Patford Legge and Laura Blythman, and Belgium-based illustrator Mathilde Van Gheluwe.


Beautiful celestial galaxy scenes, collages with neons and watercolours or colourful wildflowers are some of the prints you can find on tents, dresses, toddler rompers, clutches or pillow covers.

You’ll also love the illustrated cushions! We especially like Happy / Sad Circle Cushion by Mathilde Van Gheluwe and Dollhouse covers by La Casita de Wendy.



Of course, you can get their Wonder Tents, now also in new patterns. They come standard with extra base plate set to enable the Tent to convert into a Clothes Rack. What about dreaming about intergalactic trips inside the Cosmos Wonder Tent?


Another favourite of us is this Copper Hot Block Print by Camilla Engman. Subtil and sweet, it’s perfect for any room of your house.

Definitely, their e-shop  is full of little treasures. Check it out!

+ info: Such Great Heights Via: Bondville