If you like reading, you may know how exciting is to find a place with an amazing breathtaking bookcase which invites you to spend lots of ours finding new titles. This is not an adult pleasure because many children love books. There isn´t any better way to attract them than creating a bookcase specially designed for them.

Ok, you are thinking that, nowadays, we have e-books and we can avoid storage problems. But if you enjoy reading, you would never change the experience of having an original paper book, touching it and leafing through its pages. We are sure that kids think the same about their cute books plenty of funny stories about dragons, imaginary worlds and friendly characters. We love the idea of having such a creative bookcase at home!


We have shown several small-scale ideas to those who have a bookcase in the kids’ room but this is something much bigger. The bookcase includes the shelves, the stairs to go upstairs and —why not?— a funny sled to go downstairs in a faster way. They can read their books sitting on the steps and the available space will be enough for several generations of readers. The whole family will enjoy this hobby which brings us to culture every day.


This is a great idea to decorate your home, we are not only organizing things but offering them a space to enjoy reading and play at the same time.  In its back, there is a wonderful zone with a desk to read, draw or simply play. We can’t imagine anything more stimulating for their intelligence than mixing reading and fun since they are kids.

Via Contemporist