Mary Popins- skirt by Rykiel Enfant, skirt by My Little Dress Up, shoes by Stella McCartney. Sweep- Jacket by Caroline Bosmans, jeans by Junior Gaultier. All by Shan and Toad. Kerchief by Forage Habadashery. Look by @heather_rome, picture by   @stephanie_matthew.

We have really fell in love with these handmade kids’ costumes inspired in different famous characters! All of them on the famous blog ministyle! Using clothes from the American online shop Shan and Toad, they have got a mini collection of cool handmade children’s costumes for Halloween that we need to share with you!


Our favourite Disney’s villain, Cruella de Vil. Look by  @heather_rome , photo by  @stephanie_matthew


This puppet seems quite real…


Lovely Miss Piggy


Rosie the Riveter, the great American culture’s idol


An elegant Minnie Mouse. Is there anybody who doesn’t know this pretty mouse?

+info, photos…: mini style 

Looks: Heather Rome

Photos: Stephanie Matthew

Clothes: Shan and Toad