Some time ago, Ovidi and Cristina wrote me to introduce me to their project (Hory) and I liked it instantly. As many of you know, I have a weakness for toys cork. Moreover, it is a project produced with environmental and social awareness, with 100% sustainable raw material.

The fist plaything I want to show you is called Sura, a cork toy for children over 3. The Sura set contains a boat, buoys and several fishes to play fishing while they take a bath. You can choose between two sizes.


The set includes a template so parents and kids can create more fishes reusing gel and shampoo containers.



Sura has been created to value the work of longline fishermen in the Mediterranean. This fishing technique is one of the most environmentally friendly, allows to catch dentex and dory, among others.



The second project is BLOC, interesting cork building blocs. The BLOC’s pieces are lightweight, soft and quiet.  Touch them, smell them, you’ll notice the scent and texture of  materials from nature.

And build houses, castles, dinosaurs, tables and much more! Have fun!

+ info: Hory