Some time ago, we found house-shaped structures in every trendy kids’ room. They showed both natural tones and colours (from black ,to Nordic style to pink for the most romantic girls). In spite of this popularity, it has been really difficult finding a shop that sells them. Thanks to Instagram we have just found an Australian shop called “This Little Love”. It’s specialised in this kind of houses for rooms. They are quite far …it’s a pity but we still have the inspiration of its wonderful atmospheres!



Once again, details fill children’s rooms. These houses are perfect for modern atmospheres but also for classic-chic bedrooms. Everything depends on your selection! Kids will love that little space that provides them some privacy. They are suitable to sleep or just to read. You can decorate them with garlands, tulles, pennants, cushions…fill them with lots of cushions! If you call them and they don’t answer you will know exactly where they are hiding! With these spaces time is stopped and all their games get a new perspective! 😉


Don’t you think that this kind of bed is wonderful to help them to leave the crib and use a bed?


Apart from these wooden houses we find lots of cute and trendy things such as those pennants telling about freedom and infinite love, printings, kids’ pictures, little ornamental details…and a lot of beautiful things!





After this huge choice of ideas, how can we start? That’s your decision. Use your own style in decoration. No rules, no instructions to follow. Just create a place where they feel comfortable!

+info: This little love