Houses and Shelter for Kids Made with Origami

Origami is a Japanese art which consists in folding paper to obtain shapes and figures which can be simple or really complex. We normally see small projects like the future teller which we have shown you but, sometimes, we can find big creations like these amazing kids’ houses.

There are lots of little toy houses and shelters. Ecologic carton houses which can be painted and which include extra fun! We can also find the typical wooden shelters which are both suitable for the bedroom and the garden or those trendy fabric teepees, really in. However, this is the first time we see those origami paper houses, and their name is Origanid.

You can choose between a yurt, a tent and a book tent. The yurt-origanid is the biggest. That’s a big space to play with their friends or brothers. Maybe you are thinking that it’s going to take up too much space but they have an advantage: They can be easily and quickly folded. You can do it in just a few seconds with this origami technique.


Shall we go camping? We are sure they aren’t going to refuse the invitation! Well, this is easier than you think. You can also create the campsite in your own garden. Provided that it doesn’t take up much space, you can take it everywhere you want! Warning: You mustn’t use it in rainy days, don’t forget they are made of paper!



The great thing about these houses is that every single one has a different design. The above picture shows a house inspired by a fairy tale so it’s great for those children who love reading. That’s a magic refuge to discover all those fantastic stories.

We really love these portable nests inspired by origami that unfold with imagination and transform your little chick into a great creative person.

They’re currently in crowdfunding campaign and need your support and your sharing with your friends, your family, your network to:

– the integration of Origanid in pediatric service

– the launch of 15 Origanids ( get 20 % off when you buy one)

– A development of our product line (waterproof structures)

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