Textiles are a must to provide colour, create cosy atmospheres and enliven every room. Yes, we all know how powerful textiles are. However, if they are crucial to fill rooms with personality, they also are the key to wrap kids’ rooms with colour and imagination. Kids’ textiles will help you to create comfortable and cosy spaces as well as great play areas. Here you are some ideas to choose the perfect textiles for your little one’s room.

A Very Comfortable Bed


It’s obvious that the most important textiles are those that cover the kids’ bed. A comfortable bed is a must to have a proper rest. The mattress is a key but bedding plays also an important role. Quilts, for example, must match the atmosphere. If you live in a cold place you must choose a warm one. In the case of warmer areas, or if you want to include this piece also in summer, choose the coolest ones. One of those with funny prints!

These quilts must be easily cleaned so the risk of allergies will be reduced.

In addition, sheets and blankets must be soft. Choose natural materials such as cotton and wool. Don´t forget the colour. There are many brands specialised in many different models for kids.

Choose between Curtains or Blinds


Always the same dilemma: curtains vs blinds. Both options are perfect for the kids’ room. However, remember that kids’ rooms require lots of light. Try to choose soft and light fabrics to let the light come into the room even if they are closed.

The World of Kids’ Rugs


Kids’ rugs have their own world. There are many options in the market, Which one is the best? Although everybody has an own opinion about it, those with a latex base won´t move when they run around the room. In addition, they usually show flashy prints and shape.

Kids’ Textiles Even in The Canopy


Who is not in love with a kids room which includes a canopy? It has become a real must, obviously. They are cute, decorative and help to create play areas, a room included in other. A magic corner only for kids where they can create their own stories.

You can place it on the bed or in any other place.

Textiles for A Shared Room


A shared room? No problem. Textiles can help you to limit the spaces. A rug can divide the room into two areas. Furthermore, if it’s big enough,  you can add a curtain to separate them.

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