Today we are getting inspiration from two dream kids’ rooms. They are spaces full of lovely details and separated zones plenty of functionality and own personality. Nordic inspiration, here we go!

This room is part of the Polish shop Kalaluszek, where you can find really cute things. They offer this trendy Nordic furniture with its simple style and lots of elements to decorate every space in the bedroom. There is no doubt they have everything you might want and that you can adapt it to every phase of kid’s growth with some small changes.

Decorate Your Room: Nordic Style


We are sure that you know these original round paintings by Menudos Cuadros. They are perfect to decorate the walls together with that funny garland with little rabbits, they are suitable for the study or reading zone. The tones are perfect for these calm spaces which invite them to start to read their first books.


What can we say about this playing space? That is simply lovely. There is a shelf to keep their toys ordered, a toy kitchen which looks like a real one…Don’t miss the idea of placing flashy and special wallpaper only on a wall’s side. It’s not too much and also provides lots of fun!


The brand’s textile collection is really cool as you can see in the picture below. These cushions in soft and neutral tones match the rest of the atmosphere. They are also perfect to be placed in a funny teepee. A very chic refuge for our little ones!


Here we can find more brand’s furniture placed in a room in Nordic style. Black and white are the main features although we can see some brown and grey touches. There are a lot of things on which you must focus your attention, like this recyclable storage bag or the vintage toy car. Beautiful walls don’t need a lot, these rain-shaped stickers or the dreamcatcher are enough in this case.


As we have mentioned, this Polish shop offers lots of wonderful ideas and inspiration which shows you the latest trends in kids’ rooms. Simple furniture and elements to fill your kid’s spaces of life with beautiful ornaments like garlands, wallpapers, paintings and textiles. What do you thing about these charming places?

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