We know that pink is usually limited to girls’ rooms and it’s the most typical option so it doesn’t seem original, at all. But here we are to show you that pink world doesn’t have to be boring or oversweet. It can also be a funny, trendy and romantic colour. Pay attention to all the ideas to decorate kids’ rooms with pink.

Homes to Love shows us how to use pink in a very cool way. Pastel tones, typical of the Scandinavian style, grey touches and modern details such as teddy heads and kids’ posters created by Mrs. Mighetto.

Pink Kids’ Textiles


Maybe you don’t really like a total pink atmosphere in the kids’ room, but you want to add some touches. You can opt for pink textiles. You can change them whenever you want to get a different look in a cheap way. Furthermore, there are many cute textiles (bedding, hanging canopies…) nowadays,  like the clothes of this room.


Pink Touches on the Walls


Spring is here and there are other ways to create fresh atmospheres with lots of colours and light. You just have to add some shades on the walls. Vtwonen has had a great idea we have already seen before: painting only a half of the walls, in this case with pink. What do you think?

Ferm Living created a nursery styling with simple furniture and subtle pink walls. This is a relaxing tone that adds warmth to the room and can be a wonderful option for a calming nursery.

Pink Kids’ Room with Mix of Colours


Although we are talking about pink, we have found this children’s room from The Glitter Guide where pink is the most used tone in this eclectic, fresh colour combination that makes us fall in love. It’s a different and fun way to add pink to the kid’s room.

Soft Pink Nursery


In this nursery styling, they have chosen a pale pink tone. If you think the pink colour is too deep or you can easily get bored of it, a very pale dusty tone is a perfect option for you, as it creates a peaceful and calm atmosphere in the nursery.