Playing are growing up are always together- All of us have had our little corner to play where we could enjoy our imagination. Creating a playroom may seem something easy but we have to consider everything they like, our favourite style and the different zones to be included.

That’s the reason why we bring some inspiration to create their playroom according to different ways to understand the space. However, some elements work well in any styles, for example, a teepee, a play kitchen or a table to paint and draw. You have to consider playroom organization and storage, too. They take advantage of the whole space!

Playroom with Bohemian Touches



Bohemian style always has that casual touch everybody loves, especially kids. You can see beautiful rugs to play on the floor, low furniture at the child’s level, and cute details that add personality to the room. They have also mixed vintage and modern furniture to get an eclectic style. It’s an original space with just a few things, with lots of space for kids’ imagination.

Vintage Playrooms


We really love every single vintage element of these rooms, from wooden toys to kids’ furniture. The chairs and the blackboard seem as taken from and old school and wooden toys and wall decorations make us travel in time. There’s no doubt that some toys are never old-fashioned.

Scandinavian Style  Playroom



This is a perfect idea for those who don’t have a playroom for kids. You don’t have to renounce to this special space for them. A wooden house or a teepee are the perfect refuge for them, their play zone, and we can add dome beautiful textiles to invite them to play and relax.

Colourful Playroom



If there’s something kids love, it’s colour! They really like bright and flashy colours so this room will become their favourite space at home. We can include those tones to invite them to play and imagine. Everything tells us that here, kids are free to play and imagine everything they want!

First picture: Playroom designed by Live Loud Girl.