animal-print-childrens-textiles   Via Marieclairemaison

We know that textiles can fix a room that’s too serious or lacking in details, and that they can also change children’s rooms with just one touch — that’s why we love discovering all their novelties! But today we won’t be talking about a specific textile collection, instead, we will show some great ideas to have fun while decorating with children’s textiles. They can certainly bring out our most creative side!

Trending: Mixing patterns

mixed-cushions-childrens-textilesVia Solebich

If only a couple of years ago we were matching everything in order to avoid unusual outcomes, the opposite is now en vogue: daring combinations of colours, textiles and trends, such as the above pillows. Having them all look the same is a thing of the past, now you can buy the one you like and combine it with that vintage cushion that you’ve had for years. There is so much freedom to create new settings with textiles and obtain the coolest results!

Having fun with black and white textiles

black-and-white-childrens-textilesVia LiveLoudGirl

Some time ago children’s bedrooms had to be colourful but that’s because we weren’t aware of the beauty of black and white atmospheres in nordic style children’s bedrooms (you can find lots of monochrome kids rooms here). This concept is also fun, since we can find plenty of patterns that we can combine with other elements such as children’s prints or lamps. What a fun challenge!

Adding a characterful carpet

characterful-carpets-childrens-textilesVia Babasouk

Dressing the floor is another fun task when decorating children’s bedrooms, since this area often becomes their playground — this is why we can’t underestimate the importance of carpets when it comes to children’s bedrooms. Choose a characterful one which will stand out and be more than toy area. Ethnic styles, geometrical shapes, vintage inspiration…anything goes as long as it’s interesting! Find really pretty rugs and inspiration here.

Creating a theme with children’s textiles

mountain-childrens-textilesVia Thebooandtheboy

If you like themed rooms, you can also execute that concept with textiles. Look for a theme which kids will like, such as animals or nature, and combine it with fun children’s textiles. Nowadays you can find pillows in all sorts of shapes, and nordic duvet covers keep on surprising us with their designs, so you will surely find the inspiration that you need.