If you are never tired of searching fresh ideas for decorating your home, but you don’t like to follow traditional design rules, then you’ll love these boho children’s rooms & baby nurseries. They seem so casual, relaxed and comfortable! Today we don’t show you perfect mix-match kids rooms but creative, eclectic spaces with less rules and more play.

Kids room with boho vibe combine contemporary furnishings with ethnic objects, colourful bedding and flea market finds. Want to decorate your home in boho-style? Take your time, this decoration requires little treasures and sentimental items you’ll slowly find.

Here’re some tips for achieving this look in your home.

Boho Kids Rooms: Art and colour

The walls can be endowed with the child’s own artwork, beautiful big paintings, garlands, maps or tapestries. Think outside the box! Mix old and new and create your own decoration. Why not combine a modern painting with some vintage furniture and adorable kid’s crafts?




Boho Rooms: Mix and match colours, patterns and materials

Be sure to mix patterns and don’t be afraid to use colours that wouldn’t necessarily go together in a conventional way. Combine fabrics and create unexpected juxtapositions.

You can use different materials: wood, cotton, sisal, rattan…but also metal and some plastic toys or accessories.



Boho rooms: textiles and natural materials

Textiles have an important role in a bohemian home. So use and abuse them! Ethnic rugs, blankets, curtains, tapestries, canopies, pillows… add warmth and personality to any bedroom.



If you opt for a more neutral look, begin with a blank canvas because white walls let the mixture of items and designs come to life. Later, you can add a good dose of textiles, furnishing made of natural materials and playful accessories (garlands, teepee, storage baskets).



Boho children’s room: Decor Accessories

Accessories in bohemian spaces should tell the story of the people who live there. Artworks, souvenirs (the boho spaces often has a bit of a well-traveled look), garlands or handmade decorations are present all over the house What do you think about making your own woven wall hanging?.

In order to keep your child’s room playful and comfortable, get a teepee or a hanging chair, or design a cosy reading nook.



Boho Children’s room: Nature motifs



And one more tip: incorporate nature motifs and try to bring the outdoors within the room. From stuffed animals or natural ephemera to a bold wallpaper, the possibilities are infinite!

So, there are lots of ways to create a boho atmosphere in your kids room. Which is your favourite?

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