Let’s be honest. When you have a baby, sleep is as valuable as gold and diamonds. Waking up to crying and having to deal with a dirty diaper is an everyday reality for parents. It’s an extremely difficult and frustrating time for everyone. Luckily, there are some good tricks of the trade to help make the infancy stage a lot less painful. Follow these steps to make your baby’s nursery more comfortable and avoid yawning and nodding off at work.


Organization and Setup

First off, when you’re putting together your baby’s nursey, make sure that it’s always neat and tidy. On such little sleep, clutter will only stress you out. When you’re stressed out, the baby will start crying. Do yourself a favor and keep it simple and organized.

This should be a no-brainer. Don’t skimp out on nursery gear. The better crib you have, the more your baby will sleep. Also keep in mind when you’re setting up the nursery, you will be spending tons of time in here too. Make sure you have the right furniture so you are well prepared for those long nights with the baby; think plush couches, rocking chairs, and recliners. Check out a site like to find classic pieces that you and the little one can grow with.


Make the Nursery a Zen Space

The key to getting through this difficult part of your life is making everything as easy and relaxing as possible for your baby. Avoid sharp and intense colors in the nursery as this will simulate them and result in less sleep. Add some of their favorite pillows and blankets or find an aroma that makes them particularly relaxed. Make this a priority so the room is a dreamlike as possible for the baby.


Calm Decoration

A big helper in creating a Zen room for your baby is finding the right decoration. To do this, simply take note of what books or TV programs they respond positively to. Once you have this figured out, create a decoration theme around it. This will help provide a safe and happy place your baby will love.


Find the Perfect Temperature

One of the most important factors is making sure your baby is comfortable is finding the perfect temperature. This is crucial for preventing a sleepless night for you and your child. Find a good temperature sensor so you can be sure the air isn’t too hot or cold so your baby will sleep like a rock.


Lighting is a Difference Maker

Another crucial ingredient to a good nursey is proper lighting. Be sure the light in the room has a dimmer function. This will make it easier for the baby to know when it’s time for bed and you can get in and out for nightly checks without waking them up. In addition to the main ceiling light, have a different light for specific tasks. Keep a designated light for the changing table and a lamp next to the chair for story time. This will set certain moods for the baby to pick up on.


Black Curtains

When your baby is beginning to fall into a good sleep pattern, it’s important to be able to control when your baby thinks it’s time for bed. If you need to put the baby to sleep at 7:30, but it’s a summer night and the sun isn’t going down for a couple hours, put up thick black curtains on the windows. By blocking out the natural sunlight, this will make the baby think it’s nighttime and they will start to get sleepy. In addition to controlling the light that spills into the room, you will be able to keep out unwanted drafts that will mess with the temperature. Black curtains are a very helping tool in making sure your baby gets right amount of sleep.

Add a Humidifier

When most people think of a humidifier in a nursey, the first image that comes to minds is an old school vaporizer hissing away when a child has a cold. However, humidifiers are a great tool to use all the time. Keeping a healthy amount of moister in your baby’s nursery will provide a comfortable atmosphere and prevent their skin from getting chapped. They will also help keep nasal passages clear so the baby can rest comfortably without getting congested.

We all know having a baby is no picnic. Follow these simple steps and make it as easy as possible on yourself and your family.

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