We really like flower crowns and little ones love them! It’s a great and romantic accessory that can be easily created with our tutorial. Here you will learn how to make them and your girls will look wonderful with them! It’s like wearing some part of nature with you, don’t you think?

How to make a flower crown


We will just need three things (apart from patience):

  • A wire covered by paper in order to adapt the crown to the head.
  • Green adhesive tape. This is crucial to provide it a natural look as the tape will be hidden among stems and leaves.
  • Lots of decorative stems with leaves and flower.

Don’t worry if the first crown is a bit “weird” it’s just a try, relax. To create beautiful flower crowns you  have to learn how to distribute the stems and this can only be done with practice.

At first, fold the wire extremes to create a hook and then fold the wire to get a circle and keep it attached with the extremes. Now, you just have to stick every single stem with the tape trying to create a uniform distribution of stems. 


You can create complex designs if you mix flowers and leaves but this is something to try once you have finished the first one. You can also use plastic flowers it makes you feel more comfortable.

If you like this kind of crafts you will end making the flower crowns for the entire family! You can create lovely crowns with just a few things! Do you dare to do it?

Source: The House That Lars Built

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