Wall art is an important element to include when you are trying to create the perfect atmosphere for little ones, so it is always a joy to discover beautiful art prints that are full of charm. Hues & Fables creates colourful prints that transform kids’ spaces into magical places where they can dream, enjoy their childhood and create happy memories.


Image by @brookecastelstylist. Available at Hues & Fables

Founder and designer Kristin Poh created Hues & Fables after having her daughter Olivia Autumn. Olivia gave her the inspiration to create wonderful images that combine colour, charm and lots of fun to promote children’s cognitive development through playful art that they can enjoy.


The motto “less is often more” best describes Hues & Fables’ stylish prints. They are simple yet eye-catching, and they will make attractive focal points on the wall, even with minimal décor elements in the room.

4-hues-and-fables-melange-no-1-printMélange No. 1

Every single print is produced using archival pigment inks on premium media so they will look nice on your walls for a long, long time. Their design is timeless and versatile, and can work beautifully in different types of décor and interior styles including Scandinavian, minimalist, eclectic and even vintage. Suitable for nurseries, toddlers’ and kids’ rooms, they will grow with your child so you won’t have to replace them for many years!

5-hues-and-fables-red-delicious-printRed Delicious 

Sometimes all you need is a bit of simplicity to achieve wonderful results. Choosing simple and beautiful wall art can add a special personal touch to your child’s space, and Hues & Fables has a great selection of cool prints to help you transform your child’s space into a place that is inviting, cosy and fun!


Pictured at the top of this post: Olivia print.

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