Huzi is a fantastic design company that embodies everything we love about modern-day minimalism. Their goal is to create objects that won’t be abandoned in a couple of months but rather timeless, sustainable, high-quality pieces that will be treasured for generations to come. By investing plenty of time and resources designing each set, Huzi delights us with thoughtfully crafted products that promise to enrich our lives. Today we want to present you with their Cosmos set, a toy for the entire family that will bring everyone together through the power of imagination.

Who hasn’t claimed at some point during their childhood that they wanted to be an astronaut? Space is one of the most awe-inspiring concepts one can learn about, and children get especially excited about the innumerable possibilities this unknown territory can offer. If you would like to revisit your own dreams while spending some quality time with your kids, Huzi‘s Cosmos is your toy: 28 wood pieces, 58 connection points, unlimited possibilities.

Despite its flawless minimalist aesthetic, every single piece in this set has gone through a highly elaborate crafting process. They start off as simple solid beech logs and by the time the craftsmen are done cutting, polishing, sanding, embedding magnets and manually applying three layers of coating, a timeless set is ready to be put to use, powered by our little one’s wild imaginations. Purposefully avoiding plastics and needless perishable details, this collection is made to last.

Besides their natural beauty, these pieces are truly ingenious and will surely captivate both children and grown-ups (and grown-ups’ friends during dinner parties if we want to show off a little!) The endless amount of possible creations is enhanced by the fact that they are so easy to put together thanks to the way they easily fit and their magnetic structure. A DIY toy if you wish, only all the hardest work has already been done for you and all that’s left is playtime.

There’s truly no better gift if what you are looking for is boosting your child’s creativity and showing them from an early age that less is always more, in this case quite literally. It’s such a simple way of teaching them in a very direct way about the value of things and that we don’t need that much to be happy and develop our capacities. We really value designers like Huzi who believe in the capacity of our children to adapt and live according to these values, even when it seems that conformity is inescapable.

Landers, planes, spaceships, robots, even abstract sculptures, so many options you will start scheduling playtime. Who is ready to start? We certainly are and we hope you and your little ones will be as impressed and excited about Huzi‘s Cosmos as we are.

+ info: Huzi