If you’ve ever wanted to throw an ice-cream themed party, we’ve got everything you need.

Lets face it – which kid wouldn’t be absolutely delighted with an ice-cream party? I think most adults would love one too. We’ve still got a bit of summer left, so why not make the most of it and try some of these ideas for your very own ice-cream themed party?  How fun will that be?


Start off with these colourful ice-cream popsicle invites made out of paint cards. They’re easy to make and will set the tone for your ice-cream themed party.


Decorations don’t get much cuter than this DIY mini honeycomb ice-cream garland.  You can of course choose colours according to your party theme.


No party is complete without balloons so instead of using boring balloon weights, why not make these adorable ice-cream cone weights?  A simple touch to add serious cuteness to your balloons.


When we saw these melting ice-cream cone hats, we knew they just had to be a part of any ice-cream themed party we threw.  Kids love party hats and these are so fun to add to your ice-cream party.


Every party needs some cake. These ice-cream shaped cupcakes look delicious and are the perfect little treats for your ice-cream themed party.


You can’t have an ice-cream party without serving some ice-cream. We love the idea of setting up a simple ice-cream bar where everyone can choose their own toppings.


How cute are these ice-cream cone party favours?  Perfect little parting gifts for your guests.  Fill them with some colourful confetti and little gifts and they’ll make a fun end to your ice-cream themed party.

These are some of our favourite ideas for an ice-cream themed party.  We’re imagining lots of colour, lots of sweet treats and most of all lots of fun.  Are you tempted to throw an ice-cream party?