When we think about wallpaper and we imagine a wall that requires it to have a different look. However, this element can provide a funny and chic touch to the kids’ room. There exist lots of ideas to decorate with a kids’ wallpaper, Charlotte Bokstedt shows this one on her Instagram.


Kids’ Decoration: Ideas with Wallpaper

As you can see, you don’t need to cover the whole room with wallpaper to turn it into the focus of attention. A simple corner is enough to make the difference. In this case they get a wonderful result by mixing every kind of prints of the wallpaper and the different textiles, everything takes a look of harmony because pink is present in all of them.



As we have mentioned before, we can use wallpaper for many others things such as decorating their dolls’ house or to restore furniture or vintage boxes. If there’s wallpaper left over after decorating a room don’t throw it away! You can use it to decorate small things!

Mixing different boxes will turn boxes into decorative storage elements. You don’t need every single thing from the coolest shops. Nowadays, we can create our own lovely details and wallpaper offers lots of possibilities! Be creative!


This Kids’ room with Scandinavian inspiration wouldn’t be the same without the touches of the pink flower wallpaper. Choosing the most suitable requires  some knowledge but you can get inspiration here. Are you trying the trend of wallpaper?

Via Instagram Charlotte Bokstedt