Blue is probably one of the most popular colours for a boys room, so it can feel a bit samey and unimaginative. But blue doesn’t have to be boring.  Blue can be fun, stylish and dramatic for a boy or a girl’s room.

Creating a room in different shades of blue adds interest and drama to a room. Also mixing blue with other colours can work really well too.  So if you thought blue was too boring, we’ve got some blue rooms that show you how you can combine different blues and hues to create a space that is anything but boring! Just like in the room pictured above, we’re loving the unexpected hit of bright turquoise against the more muted denim blue wall.

Here are some more ways to decorate with different shades of blue to create a wow factor in a kid’s room. There are lots of ideas to steal too:

We love the way different shades of blue have been combined to create a space that is stunning. The idea of painting the walls in a light petrol blue and another in a bright peacock blue is so unusual but so clever. Add to that shades of denim blue and pastel blue and you have a very blue room that is anything but boring!

If softer blues are more your thing, then you can’t go wrong with combining different shades of blue with some grey, just like in this bedroom.  Practically any shade of blue will work really well with grey. Here you have soft blue walls and decorations in different shades of blue which work so well with the grey canopy.

We don’t instantly think of combining blue and pink but it totally works as we can see in this playful room which would work for a boy or girl. The dark blue walls and pale blue decorations combine beautifully with all the pink in this room. The trick is to use different depths of blue shades mixed with similar depths of pink shades.

Can’t decide on one, two or even three shades of blue? No problem! Mix them all in and create a happy blue space for boy or girl like in this room.  Here we have pastel blue, turquoise blue, midnight blue, denim blue and more and it all comes together perfectly. We would even go a step further and paint the wall in one of the shades of blue in the room.

Another under-used colour combination is blue with purple. Any shade of purple works with blue simply because purple is made by mixing blue and red.  In this all blue room, the subtle purple accents work really well. We also love the idea of painting the bed in the same shade of blue as the wall. This creates a subtler effect which is calming and sophisticated.

Which is your favourite blue room?

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