Halloween is approaching and Pumpkin Masters – an online shop to find everything related to Halloween Pumpkins- has started to work. If you don’t know it, you are going to freak out with it. There’s a huge selection of ideas, gadgets and artists to decorate Halloween pumpkins.

It can be a great inspiration source to help children to create their own pumpkin. Soon, they will be asking to buy it, taking it to the party, decorating it for the contest…Both on the web and on their Facebook and Pinterest shows and enormous variety of works made of pumpkins since several years ago. Some of them are so complicated that they are frightening but there are other simple ideas that can be “tried”. Look the amazing set of tools they have! We will try to find something similar at home!

Here you will find some free Halloween pumpkin decorating patterns that they offer on their web where you will also find a free app for iPad, Halloween recipes..