Ikea is so complete! They don’t only offer furniture to create those wonderful IKEA hacks but also some great DIY ideas to create every kind of things with just a few materials. Today we show you simple yet two DIY party decor ideas that hope inspire you.

Animals are present in the two inspirations, but you can easily change this theme for another one that your child is interested (superheroes, dinosaurs, etc.).

Animal Party

ikea-party-idea2 ikea-party-idea3

In this case, the stylist Pella Hedeby suggests a party with a mix of pastel, bright colours and animal figures. She uses some gift wrap rolls from Ikea to make the garlands, tablemats, little party hats for the animal figurines, mini cake toppers and other details. Big white party balloons and a blackboard will give the final touch to the decoration.

You can decorate cakes with toy animals (it’s easy to customise them!) and use them as a decorating element. Could you ever imagine decorating a kid’s party with gift wrap paper and animal toys could be so stylish?

Jungle Party


This is another great idea: a party inspired by the jungle. Wild animals, vegetation everywhere and we have our jungle party…Roar!

 Go into Lion’s Mouth!


Ikea provides wonderful ideas so they have created a wonderful entrance with a simple sheet: a great lion opening its mouth will be the perfect welcome to this party!

Kids’ Table Plenty of Animals


If there’s a must in jungles those are the animals. Monkeys, rabbits, snakes, bears, cheetahs and lions. There are a lot to get some inspiration and many colour cardboard to create little details for a very special birthday table. Furthermore, you can add a garland made of leaves to create that jungle look. Take fun for granted!


Kids’ Party with Photocall


Every kids’ party us have corners to have fun, activities and games. Ikea suggests creating a lovely photocall with cardboard. We just need to draw funny animals and cut those strategic spaces to take the funniest photo and get a nice souvenir from this special party! What a wonderful idea by Ikea!

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