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Thinking about storage in a kids’ room seems quite boring. At least that’s your first impression until you know Stuva Series by Ikea, plenty of soft and modern shapes, flashy colours and lots of options. Modular furniture, which can be placed in lots of ways, brings us inspiration to use them in kid’s rooms.

Their total white models are perfect for Scandinavian kids’ rooms. Furthermore, they show a common imple design. As you can see, flashy wallpapers can also be included and combined with it provided that this furniture is really modest.

Stuva Tables and Desk by Ikea


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This is an ideal zone to study with lots of big drawers and a big and well organized space to do their homework, paint or just to study. A study area is always a good idea for them. It must seem comfortable and cosy for them. Here you have it with its simple furniture.


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The best thing about Stuva drawers is that they can be used in almost every space. You can keep toys, bedside tables, or little tables to read while they are still little. Furthermore, it’s a children’s furniture with a suitable high for kids, to help them to be independent from the first time.


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The drawers can be turned into tables while they are little kids, so they are really useful. These tables have been decorated to add a sweet and personal touch. When they grow up, it can be turned into big drawers. They are ideal tables, don’t you think?

Stuva Storage Furniture by Ikea


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This Ikea’s collection also includes wardrobes which also match this Nordic kids’ furniture that’s very simple. If you are thinking about decorating their room like this they are the perfect wardrobes because of their soft finishing.


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These drawers are the perfect place for kid’s toys. That’s a space near them where they can have everything in an organized way. In addition, it can be used as a chair to read using every single space of the room. They are not only cool but also functional.


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Functionality is always present in Ikea. It always think s about inspiring you to decorate every space. If you are looking for ideas to decorate your baby’s room here you are a changing table that can be turned into shelves later. The classic wood tone is another available tone like pink, white, green and other colours.

The huge number of options offered by Stuva are present in all these inspiring rooms. Modules for every kind of needs and spaces and a lovely design to create amazing spaces