IKEA_FLISAT_kids-furniture (9)

Some days ago, we share some pictures of the new Ikea kid’s furniture line on our Facebook page. Now we can show you all the new products, and they’re really interesting! You can find designs with clean lines, and Scandinavian vibes with some accent colours.

Flisat is the name of the new Ikea family of kid’s furniture and storage designed by Sarah Fager. This line has been designed to grow with children from 3 to 12 years of age. The series is made entirely of pine wood, a long-lasting material that ages with grace.

You can find 8 new functional pieces for your playroom or kids room: an adjustable kid’s desk; a children’s table; a children’s stools; a toy storage with wheels; a book display; a doll house/wall shelf, a  wall storage and knob rack.


Definitely, they’ve created playful and durable furniture for kids that both parents and kids will love and live with for a long time. Let’s have a closer look at the new kid’s products.

IKEA_FLISAT_kids-furniture (5)

Doll house/wall shelf and stools

IKEA_FLISAT_kids-furniture (11)

Children’s table

IKEA_FLISAT_kids-furniture (2)

Children’s desk, wall storage and stool

IKEA_FLISAT_kids-furniture (6)

Kid’s table, stools and toy storage with wheels

IKEA_FLISAT_kids-furniture (12)

Children’s stools

As always, Ikea offers practical solutions. They’re pieces of furniture to keep for many years to come. Height adjustable to grow with the child, a tabletop that can be tilted and a paper holder are some of the features in the child’s desk . Another example, when the dollhouse is outgrown, it can be used as a wall storage solution to display favourite figures and treasures.

Furthermore, many other Flisat products feature holders for Trofast storage boxes, for example, the children’s table and desk, so it’s easier to keep the room tidy once the day of play is done.

IKEA_FLISAT_kids-furniture (8)

Toy storage cart

IKEA_FLISAT_kids-furniture (7)

Knob rack with 4 knobs

IKEA_FLISAT_kids-furniture (4)

Doll house/wall shelf

IKEA_FLISAT_kids-furniture (3)

Book display

What do you think of the new collection? The Flisat line will be available to purchase in stores in April.