Ikea has caught our hearts with its Scandinavian style plenty of functionality and simple designs which can be adapted to everything. This is the reason why we love its solutions for kids’ rooms.

If we focus our attention on the problem of storage and the organization we would like to have, it provides several simple ideas to help us. A place for their kids’ toys, books, colours and everything they have


Modular furniture is a great idea to be adapted to every single space. From small  kids’ bedrooms to others with big walls to create cool designs. This furniture can be adapted to our needs both if we want some drawers at the bottom on the wall in order to let them be more independent or at the top to keep other things away from them.

It consists of functional pieces with removable drawers and great wooden shelves. It can be adapted to every style because of its natural colours. If inspiration comes to us, we can also create one of those famous Ikea-hacks, a new version of the piece. We must include those trendy house-shaped shelves we have showed lots of times. Just a tip: to get a special touch you can transform its bottom with wallpaper or paint so it will be unique!


They have also considered the importance of a study area so they have some space for it. It’s absolutely great. We know that Ikea is really creative but ––sometimes— they go beyond that and even use the space under the desk to create some kind of secret refuge with a cork board to keep their best ideas and projects. They are going to love it!

What do you think about these storage ideas?