Ikea is always a great source of inspiration as far as decoration is concerned. This time, they focus their attention on teenage bedrooms. Sometimes, we think that they are old enough to decorate their room, however, we must guarantee that all their requirements are fulfilled.

Kids’ needs change while they grow up. Once they are teenagers, they will demand privacy. Aesthetics and functionality must be considered to create the perfect space for them.

In this room, the interior designer has divided the space into different spaces according to teens’ different activities. All of them are perfectly limited with colours carefully selected to help teens to develop their daily activities in an easier way: sleeping, studying, relaxing, choosing their clothes, inviting friends…


Using this division is the better way to enlarge the room (at least in appearance) and use every single corner avoiding the waste of space.

The desk has been placed in the middle of the room so they can enjoy natural light through the windows while they are studying. This area shows light tones as they are necessary to work properly and provide lots of energy. One of the walls has been transformed into a giant planning for the whole week. A desk lamp and some drawers complete this perfect study area.


The relaxing and sleeping zones are together, however, a curtain separates them from the study area to avoid thinking about work while they are trying to have a rest and don´t focus their attention on the bed when they need to concentrate.

The flexible daybed is perfect for this small space and it can be adapted to every kind of use, in addition, light chair and table allow movement to fulfil any need and provide a functional comfort. Textiles play a crucial role to create a cosy feeling, you can feel you are at home! We really like the combination of the bedding and the rug!



Storage solutions are crucial in small spaces. Open storage can transform their stuff into part of the decoration, adding that necessary personal touch and maximizing the space to get the best results.

If we pay attention to this atmosphere we will soon see that it has everything a teenager may require: comfort, design, organization and a space filled with their own personality. Furthermore, finding things becomes easier!

These are only some ideas, do you have a small room to transform? No problem! It can be their dream space if you play with Ikea’s advantages!

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