What happens when you find a new discovery? Well, you spend a lot of time looking at all the wonderful things you can see on the web, imagining them in kids’ rooms and combining them with other cool accessories like these ones. This is exactly what happened with Ila y Ela’s site. It’s a place where you can find beautiful products that add a different touch to the children’s room. Do you want more?




Ila y Ela offers a huge choice of handmade products, created in a traditional way. This requires hours of experience and effort and know-how to get these great results. We can see a lot of ideas to be included in our favourite kids’ rooms. Funny cushions and trendy soft tones with teepees, cactuses or animals as main characters. But this is not all, there are not only cushions but also tapestries, pennants, mobiles and garlands.

All the designs are exclusive, original and really creative and the materials are ecological (cotton, wool or alpaca) to create unique pieces individually. These cushions are not only a soft complement for the kids’ bed or crib but also little and funny toys for them. We know that it can be a good idea to offer the perfect gift! We really love handmade products!




Take a look at all the details in this handcraft shop, we always find something surprising that makes us fall in love at the first sight. Maybe the swam mobile, big and elegant with all its feathers and wings…maybe the colourful cushions…What about those handmade tapestries with a lion face? There are many ideas to add the decorative point to every kids’ room or even to other rooms at home. That’s another way to offer something special!


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