Handstitched Indigo Children’s Crown by Kathryn Davey

Hi there! If you’re like me and spend a lot of time online on Pinterest, Tumblr, ello, etc, I’m sure you will have noticed all the beautiful indigos that are trending right now. I have always loved this colour, especially in fashion, but it’s popularity in interior design is starting to rub off on me too (no pun intended!), and I think I ‘m ready to add a few touches of dark purple-blue to our minimal, mostly black and white, home.

Of course, I’m a curious soul, so I thought it would be interesting to have a look at a handful of kids’ designers and makers who are using indigo in their products, and by doing so, hopefully inspire you to be creative with this colour in your own children’s spaces.

Let’s see what we can find, shall we?

Kathryn Davey’s Handcrafted Dolls are Delightful

Handcrafted Irish Linen Doll for €198.00 by Kathryn Davey

Every young child should have a very special doll. Mine was called Sally and I took her everywhere!

If you are looking for a new lifelong friend for your little one, Kathryn Davey’s dolls are handcrafted in Ireland with love using the finest linen, natural fiber filling & pure wool. I love their hip & trendy outfits in black and indigo, and would also recommend taking a peek at Kathryn’s new Indigo Collection featuring the crown shown above.

Shibori for Little Ones by Indigo Mom Love

Shibori Indigo Baby Dress and Onesie from Indigo Mom Love on Etsy

Indigo is big in the fashion world right now along with denim and the renewed interest in natural dyeing techniques like Shibori. If you’re drawn to this traditional dyeing technique but don’t have the time or confidence to have a go yourself, why not turn to etsy or other handmade market platforms to source your baby or toddler some gorgeous indigo clothes?

Handdyed Shibori Baby Quilt – a Modern, Gender Neutral Accessory

Handdyed Shibori Baby Quilt for €81.45 from The Tangled Path on Etsy

Shibori textiles make beautiful heirloom pieces I think. I folded away my children’s crib blankets and bedding a long time ago but when I spotted this baby quilt made from handdyed scraps of cotton I could easily see how it could be saved and passed down through generations. Something like this could also make an original indigo wall feature in a nursery or child’s room.

Indigo Artwork For Kids via Etsy

Custom Adire Resist Indigo Banner from Earnest Dry Goods and Inky Indigo Watercolour Hearts from OutsideIn Art Studio, both on Etsy

Indigo, denim and dark blue tend to go down well with pre-teens and teens (although I had to wear a navy blue school uniform in the UK so it took me a while to embrace it as an adult), so if you’re ever short on artwork inspiration for their rooms, point them in the direction of Indie stores on Etsy or bigcartel. The prints I’ve chosen here are both very versatile and suitable for different age groups.

Beautiful Blues – The Rafa-Kids Way

Rafa-Kids and Stylist Paulina Arcklin Show How Good Indigo and Blue Look In a Kid’s Space!

These few examples of products are obviously just the tip of the Indigo Iceberg. As Rafa-Kids’ latest photo shoot styled by Paulina Arcklin shows, indigo or any tone of blue can look fun and vibrant in a modern child’s space, especially when mixed with black and white. If you’re feeling inspired, why not go for some indigo wallpaper, a few vintage chairs or striking handmade textiles from the very beautiful Otsuki-Sama?

Top Image – Indigo crown by Kathryn Davey for 29.99 EUR