Lately, we are surprised once and again by the leisure areas of commercial centres. They are designed to offer kids funny times while we do the shopping. Here, they can have fun but also develop their skills and intelligence thanks to the different areas. Do you want to know our latest finding?

This playground is located in a commercial centre of Mito, Japan. It tries to create a refuge inspired by the city with all those little colourful houses to make them comfortable. It includes lots of different spaces separated by the houses painted with colours that invite them to explore and discover what is hidden behind every window and door.



Spaces are differentiated by seven different colours in order to create special zones and houses separate every single one in a wonderful way. This area includes spaces to have a rest or play with ball pools and other elements. Everything is specially designed for them in these colourful and safe zones.


This design has also considered parents and it also includes resting areas and even a café. The best thing here is that it shows and open concept where everything can be seen but also hidden by those lovely houses that must be explored.



This space is perfect to entertain them because they will forget they are in a commercial centre. It´s a special place plenty of zones for different ages and lots of colours to stimulate their imagination. It is also a great place to provide a rest to their parents after doing the shopping.

Every single detail has been considered. It has a special area for celebrations and kids’ parties and even a special zone for babies next to the café. Don’t you think that every single city in the world must have one of these spaces?



+info Emmanuelle Moureaux