Once upon a time Ine de Haes launched an AW 16/17 collection made with magic and fantasy… Once again, fairy tales and legends are the perfect source of inspiration to create the nicest kids’ fashion. This time, Snegurochka, a girl made of snow who melts when she falls in love, is the main character: “As she melted away, her spirit was caught by Father Frost. He took her across the stars to the frozen lands of the north, where she again took the form of a beautiful young girl. Here she plays all through summer” In winter, they come back to bring lots of present for kids and fill everything with their lovely spirit. Ine de Haes uses their magic to dress kids in the most creative and sophisticated way.

Winter traditional tones like grey, white or black are combined with some warm colours to take us to a fantastic universe plenty of ice palaces, fairies and spirits, where everything is possible and kids can dream about the greatest creatures and facts.



Quality and design play an important role in this breathtaking collection as it has been carefully created by a Belgian kids’ brand that really knows how to make them feel special. Silhouettes with three-dimensional shapes, drapery and graphic knitwear are the required elements to get a wonderful  and elegant outfit wrapped with personality and charm.



Every dress, every jumper, every skirt…all seems to be covered with a mysterious halo of fairy dust and whimsical  designs. It’s like wearing a piece of enchanting stories!



Have you seen those amazing graphics? They are full of life and stories to tell. Colours, shapes and textures are perfectly combined in a game of creativity and talent. We can’t avoid falling in love with every single piece of clothes in this collection! All of them are sophisticated and suitable for every event! Furthermore, they can be easily combined to get the most elegant and flashy looks!



Ine de Haes proves that magic and fashion are not only for girls. As you can see boys are also allowed to enter this refined universe of fantasy and joy while they wear the latest and coolest trends! Black and grey hoodies and jackets are here to stay!



Kids’ surprising world opens its doors with these awesome clothes, do you dare to open them?

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