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Ine de Haes children’s label that makes patterns come alive. Silhouettes with three-dimensional shapes, drapery and graphic knitwear for kids with guts.

She uses textures and tailoring for creating sculptural silhouettes with an original character and contemporary looks. Innovative, yet comfortable clothes for the little ones.

The new SS16 collection is inspired by the short film and children’s book Ferfereh (paper windmill) of Maryam K. Hedayat, illustrated by Fatinha Ramos.

Ine de Haes Spring Summer 2016 Collection


Ferfereh tells the story of Mina, a Kurdish girl, and her search for her little brother Iman. With the help of a magical paper windmill, she will try to find him in a desolate and surreal landscape and encounter many adventures and people along the way.

Mina’s journey is not only a quest to find the prodigal brother, but also to find change and progress. Her path will lead her to unknown places, to different people and different ideas and eventually bring about a complete transformation.

This collection has lots of sand, blue, black and grey colours, like the illustrations of Ferfereh. Besides her amazing t-shirt with 3D and tops with crackle technique, you can also find Persian and firebird prints (this is a character of the book).


Ine de Haes’ kids label offers both girls’ and boys’ clothing. Usually, boys’ clothing we can find is quite basic, a standard pair of trousers with a printed t-shirt. But for this season, she suggests distinctive patterns, really cool trousers and shirts for boys. Now we can get something different for our little men!

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For the girls, you can choose from a wide range of clothes: shirt dresses, cardigans, sculptural tops, jumpsuits…Ine de Haes’ garments stand out for impeccable details and use of precise tailoring, and these pieces are simply stunning.

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