We really like those wallpapers which fill our room with colour, design and lots of inspiration! They wake up kids’ imagination and help them to create their special spaces. INKE is one of those brands that offers a wonderful quality design. From their handmade cut-outs from authentic wallpaper to this brand new collection of huge wall prints, the Dutch label adds a bit of personality to every corner at home.

This brand was founded by Inke Heiland in 2004 and, since then, they have been innovating and creating original and exclusive models suitable for every kind of style. The quality of their products (all of them are carefully designed and produced in Holland), together with their wonderful design has allowed them to appear in some of the most important international design magazines.

If we look to some of the designs included in the last collections, we can find a universe of colour and imagination, which will add that “creative” touch every kid’s room requires. The combination with wooden or white furniture is simply amazing. They are the perfect option if you prefer basic furniture with just a few details.


Let’s travel around the world! They can have their own planet on their walls. Those funny maps are perfect for your little explorers!


We all know the Inke’s famous birdhouse light and, in this case, is successfully combined with a wallpaper full of colourful birds. It’s really funny!


What about that fantastic wallpaper with trees? They will love the idea of sleeping in a forest! We are sure kids will create many stories about it!

kids-wallpaper-inke4 kids-wallpaper-inke5

Wow! Have you seen that 70’s designs? There’s no doubt that they are really in and very original. The perfect option for this spring!

kids-wallpaper-inke6 kids-wallpaper-inke7

Animals are also a good option for kids, they can have their own ocean with whales and fish or share their room with friendly dinosaurs, what would they prefer?


We can’t choose our favourite, can you? Don’t miss the whole collection!

Inke’s new collection of wall prints is available online and at selected dealers

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