Inspirados (Inspired) is one of those charming decoration shops where the careful handmade production process can be appreciated in the final product. Simplicity and functionality are the key concepts of its designs. All the elements of the collection can be easily combined with different decorative styles. Quality, design and childhood have been mixed to create this brand.

What can you find? 

Handmade quality furniture and ornaments made of natural materials like wood, leather or cotton. This company tries to offer a “handmade added value” to their products because we all know that little details crucial create special atmospheres. Its collections take us to a magical childhood where fantastic worlds come true. This is the reason why this kind of furniture is perfect for kids’ rooms where dreams are always awake.


You can find every kind of decorative elements and pieces of furniture with the highest quality and the most attractive designs. As the company’s names suggests, inspiration is present in every item, from tee pees to mirrors, all of them show this “special touch” of handmade creations.


All their creations are carefully produced in different workshops of Barcelona so every single item is an exclusive piece. This is another “Extra value” for this shop as unique pieces are something really useful to build special and customized atmospheres where kids’ personality fills everything.