Mixing colours and elements can be very difficult, so we bring you lots of inspiration with this kids’ room with pastel tones. The bed focuses all the attention. It’s the Caravan Divan model by Kalon Studios where you can find simple and modern furniture.

The bed is wonderful with its round legs and its solid and simple look which becomes the main element of the room. This piece of furniture can also be used to read or play because it’s really functional. The bed’s side is available in several colours and they have chosen pale pink that can be easily combined with the rest of the atmosphere.


Apart from that lovely bed, there are other elements that inspire us like the geometric prints. A rug with white and yellow stripes to contrast with the bedding set with triangles and spots. All of them add dynamism to the set, but they are not too much.

A children’s room requires beautiful walls with some special decoration. An enormous framed picture with a funny circus bear provides even more fun to this space! We really love funny tones and kids like them very much!


Book shelves are another great idea you can get from this room. This way of placing them, showing their covers, invites them to read with all those drawings and stories behind them. You will soon realize they really love reading!

Here you are another inspiring room to get some ideas. Today everything is plenty of colour like a rainbow, a funny space which can be loved by any kid. If it’s not your style you can also take a look to our B & W rooms!


Via Laybabylay