Instagram is a place where you can spent lots of ours, just finding amazing profiles or inspiring images. Provided that you can’t waste the whole day there, we are going to save a lot of time by showing you nice accounts that you must follow. LiveLoudGirl is one of them. There you will find Scandinavian kids’ spaces to fall in love with…


This blogger’s projects are really nice. She knows the latest trends in the Nordic style and looks for the best details for children’s rooms (you will love them) like those pastel tones, and that amazing wall with rhombus. As you can see, she pays attention to every detail so everything is perfect and nice.


Among her projects, we can also find her kids’ rooms. As a good designer, she needs to update them from time to time by adding details and changing the look of every space. Small pieces to create unique spaces that are much more that a set of trends.


We really like this kids’ room with this wall plenty of geometric motifs, it’s so original…It’s wonderful finding this kind of surprising things online.



This Nordic room has been updated with a new touch especially for spring. Simplicity and functionality are main elements in special spaces.


This is another space from her Instagram profile where she also shows ideas like those modern shelves or the lovely storage bags. If you want to know the latest trends in kids’ decoration you must follow this account. Instagram is always a great source of inspiration!

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