I’m really in love with the teepee designed by Nathalie Lete for Vilac. What about those pennants with positive messages? They are the coolest! They provide a wild touch according to the wild animal every child has inside!

If you want to know every single trend in kids’ decoration or learn how to give a chic touch to their room You Must follow this Instagram’s profile! I can’t believe the things this girl can create for a children’s room! There are details in every corner and she changes them from time to time, surprising us with a new look-deco for the same spaces!



Pennants everywhere (you can find some nice pennants at The wandering orion), complements, romantic wall stickers with inspiring quotations. Here you will find a tour through the last trends in children’s decor from @nynnetiloujos’ point of view. If you are wondering where to get that rug, you can find it at the Etsy Shop Roxy Marj. The wall stickers and the shelves can be found here .




Kids’ decoration has changed a lot in a short period of time! Nowadays they are more informal, more alive, more personal…You don’t have to think a lot before adding a new element. If you don´t like it you just remove it. It’s your home! You are the only one who decide and decorating is funny!




Provided that an image a picture tells more than a thousand words, you have to visit her profile if you like her style…There’s a whole universe to explore!