If we mix Instagram with Nordic decoration, we get addictive and great profiles such as @linnbp77, which shows the atmospheres at her wonderful home, of course, decorated according to Scandinavian style. So we have focused our attention on kids’ rooms and fallen in love with these inspiring spaces. Furthermore, it’s not a surprise this great result as this mum and teacher is also Nordecor and Monolo brand ambassador (these two shops are the perfect place to get the cutest Nordic items).




The room is full of details which are very interesting to create a special atmosphere. We can see that Nordic furniture with natural wood and simple and modern cute designs. Wood is present in lots of elements of the space: in the eco-toys, the hooks, the prints’ support…Furthermore, there are also lots of light and soft kids’ details.

Walls are decorated with wall vinyls, hangers, prints and even with messages. Storage is simple with those nice paper bags which can be easily kept and recycled once we don’t use them anymore. To sum up, they offer a cute style which is also eco-friendly and natural and —- of course — a great source of inspiration.



We really like everything from @linnbp77 atmospheres. Instagram is always a great provider of treasures and inspiration! That little vinyl which decorates the wall in a funny way, the wooden toys and the cute prints and the furniture prove that getting a cute and dreamy space is not always complicated. If you follow the account you will see how good she is at decoration. Enjoy!