This might be the coolest thing we’ve ever heard of. Picatoo is one of the latest apps related to Instagram. Everybody uploads his better pictures to this app to share them with pride. Well, now you can choose the best and use them as a removable tattoo which lasts a week approximately.


Kids love removable tattoos so you can choose the picture with them. Maybe their pet’s photo or the trip pictures, or their favourite cartoon characters…we can also choose a picture from an Instagram profile followed by us!


Today, everybody can feel like and artist and it’s wonderful! Apps which can turn you pictures into tattoos…simply great! An innovative idea which is easy to use as the eatable marshmallows or the magnets for the fridge.


You just have to visit Picatoo web and connect it to your Instagram account. You can choose 12 pictures because they use a format of 12. You just need to place your order and pay €12 (approx, with shipping). Just a click and you will have them at home!

You won’t need your mobile anymore to show this lovely photo! You can place it on your skin. The format is the same used by Instagram, the square. These quality tattoos include all the beautiful colours of your pictures! Have you already chosen the pictures with kids?

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