This is a story about a little paper boat that reaches the ocean, against all odds. In a fantastic journey, the paper boat meets many friends and not so friendly creatures along the way, but he never gives up! Will he make it out to sea? Join along to find out!

Today we show you to a magical interactive story for all ages about courage, tenacity and the wonders of the seaThe Real Boat is going to be an interactive book for phones, tablets, and computers. An international team is exploring a new way of storytelling, where text transforms into a visual action and action guides the text.


The illustrations are hand made art by Victoria Antolini. She works in mixed techniques of watercolors and collage. Some pieces in the illustrations are cut paper, some are various objects she finds everywhere —old musical score sheets, fabrics, and many others.


The creators try to recreate the same spirit in the animation and the interaction of interactive book, to make all the experience “handmade” and spark off the curiosity of the child.


This project is very special, isn’t it? They need your support to reach completion. You can find their Kickstarter project here.