As you may already know, Petit & Small is now on Instagram.  And, a confession, we have an addiction! Instagram allows you to see exactly what inspires people and how creativity is drawn from their everyday life.

The first time we saw ‘Handy with Scissors” feed, we knew we had to share it with you. That is a unique and creative Instagram account for a daily dose of inspiration. But we also want to know more about Susie Rugg, the creative mind behind this crazy fun Instagram project.

She ‘visits’ Petit & Small to tell us where does all that inspiration come from, her philosophy and future plans. Enjoy the interview and colourful, creative Susie’s crafts!


Do you have any blog or you share your projects exclusively on Instagram?

I only started the Instagram account back in January this year while on maternity leave from role as Kids and Families Coordinator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia. It has been a wonderful place to start as it has allowed me to really focus on the look and feel of handywithscissors but in small manageable doses. I tend to work in manic 5 minute bursts between looking after 2 little people one of which would generally much rather be playing cars!

I am in the process of building a blog though where I am looking forward to sharing full tutorials and lots of handy tips and tricks. I also contribute to Hello Wonderful, so in the mean time, you can find some of my projects there.


How long have you been crafting?

Pretty much forever I think. I was always a very arty kid, constantly pestering my mum to make things with me. I focused on art and design throughout high school and after a brief foray as an actress, studied jewellery and object art at university. I am a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to my own crafting and am generally better at starting projects than finishing them! I love creating fun projects for kids though and even though mr 4 puts up a good fight sometimes, I’m pretty sure that he will grow to love making and creating as much as I do or at least appreciate the time it allows us to spend together.


Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

Everywhere! I am really passionate about making something from nothing and although I am a bit of a bowerbird for art supplies I do try to be mindful about where I source them and how I use them. There are great ideas waiting to be discovered all around us, it just takes a bit of imagination to see them. 


Sometimes if I am stuck for an idea I just look at something really closely for a while. Take an egg carton, for example, at first glance it looks like exactly that; an egg carton, but if you just keep looking at it, maybe turn it upside down, stand it up, lie it down etc, slowly but surely it starts to become something else. A face maybe or a bunch of noses or a raccoon or the beginnings of some awesome play armor. I think that teaching kids to see what things ‘could’ be rather that what they seem to be at first glance is actually a pretty great life skill.


What are your future projects? Maybe a book?

Oh, I would love love to do a book! Do you know a publisher? I’m thinking about one divided into chapters of fun projects using found and household materials and another all about recycled jewellery making and play costumes. If and when I get a bit more time I also hope to start making some short video tutorials. 


Thank you, Susie. It was a pleasure speaking with you.

For discovering more fun, simple and sustainable crafts projects, be sure to follow Susie on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.