We always try to show the most beautiful part of childhood, this is our goal and the reason why we must show Josephina Carlier’s work. This cosmopolitan photographer seems to have a special talent to get the most wonderful kids photos you can imagine. Every detail is perfectly selected, every tone, every light…all invite us to feel the kids’ magic again and dream as our little ones do.

She was born in Holland but has also lived in different countries like Egypt, Jordan or France so we think she has collected a piece of the magic of every single place where she has been to transform it into amazing images full of joy, elegance and tenderness.


We really love people who create nice things for kids, it’s like we were sharing beauty. We are really happy to find this little pieces of magic, they have been created by somebody who really want to wrap childhood with their talent in order to turn it into something —even— more fascinating.

It’s a pleasure for us show you more details about this interesting professional. Don’t miss this inspiring interview! (Yes, it includes some tips to get the best photos!).


Josephina, tell us about your background, how did you become a professional photographer?

I was attending college in Santa Barbara and my roommate was going to this great Photography school called Brooks. I loved what she was doing and ended up switching schools and majoring in color technology.

You have lived in several countries, would you say that this is showed in your photos? Are every country and lifestyle a source of inspiration?

Well, I’m used to traveling and loving nature, the outdoors and interesting locations. Every country inspires me in some way. My brain is constantly looking at different scenery outside and trying to picture it in a photo shoot. The minute I finish one shoot I immediately start getting ideas for the next one.Josephina-Carlier-photography7

What is it about photographing kids that inspire you? Have your kids changed your style?

I think you can be as creative as you want to be with kids. Everything is possible and it’s so much fun to see what enfolds as you are working with them. I kind of shoot kids in the same style that I used to shoot adults and teens but now I can go crazier with the styling.

Your pictures are amazing, how do you get the ideas? What’s the preparation process behind your photo shoots?

I usually get motivated when I find a specific location that I like and build the shoot from there; model, clothes, styling etc..


Some tips to take better photos? Photos of kids? 

Let them get to know you and let them start playing or doing their own thing and then take photos of them being themselves instead of posing them. Once they feel comfortable then you can direct them. Keep it fun and playful, turn the shoot into a game.


How do you imagine your life in 10 years?

Hopefully the same 🙂 but living in a warmer area.

For more inspiration and incredible photos, be sure to check out her website and Instagram.